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yay for big foreheads.
and for this trend of hand photos i’ve started.

so this morning I was supposed to babysit some neighbors at 8:30, but then last night my mom told me it changed to 10:30, so I was thinking, good, I’ll have time to wake up and work out. So I woke up at 8, and read my bible until about 8:30, went in my mom’s room to stick in the p90x video, but she was still asleep. and I was exhausted, so I went back to sleep. ha. I set my alarm for 9:45 so I would have time get up and shower and eat before I left. so I roll outta bed at 9:45 and my mom tells me that I actually have to babysit at 10.
problem? yes.
but I managed without a shower, (gotta love ponytails) and breakfast. and these kids I babysat, are the cutest, funniest, greatest kids ever, (other than mine of course) so they put me in a very good mood. around 1 their mom got home and kindly took me to my next babysitting job, Spencer and Shelby. nice when all your friends live in the same neighborhood as you…

it ended up just being Spencer, shelby went home with her aunt. so me and spencer walked to the pool. once I was done watching him, I ended up just staying at the pool. Lauren was there, (ha, we don’t plan these things..promise) and we did kickboard laps for about 20 minutes..ohhh the burn! ha. but it was fun cause since we had kickboards we could talk while we did it. while her boyfriend and brother laughed at us….they’re so kind:)

oh speaking of her brother he gave me this huge CD with lots of great music, so I’ll be trying to get back into the song-a-day thing. :)) however, today’s song is not from that CD. found it all by myself. and it’s really good, too. so you should listen to it.

came home from the pool and put some gel in my wet, chlorined, dirty, stiff hair, and it magically turned out pretty good. smelled like the pool though. put some clothes on, and went over to Lauren’s to paint my nails. she had to go back up to the pool to teach the Feter program so we did that and then I went back home. the Centers were at our house all night, in fact they ended up sleeping over while their parents were finishing up packing and cleaning the house, (the move tomorrow, remember?) but we hung out outside and took pictures, and I told Madison, (the oldest) about my project, and she intently watched me set up for this shot, which I like by the way. we got a good group one of all of us too, although the children complained endlessly. ;)

we had tacos/nachos for dinner, it was suuper good.


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